Taking the Plunge

So here I am. Long time WordPress visitor, I’ve now convinced myself I should be more active and offer my own content as well.

What can I say?

Where to start?

Well that’s easy. I am a creator. I make things. I am an artist and author.

I paint, sculpt, draw, carve and all sorts of other things and I make lots of mess but I’d like to think what emerges from all the sawdust, spilled paint or wax stains is still nice things.

I write. Not lots, but I have written since the age of eight or thereabouts, which when I think about does mean lots, because that’s close to forty years of writing. Oh dear.

Making things brings me peace, brings me happiness and hopefully brings happiness and peace to people who might take the time to check out what I’ve made. I’m just a peaceful kind of guy.

So … stay tuned for content.

I have content. Oh yes, I definitely do.


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