So … a novel I’ve written has achieved another step forward.

In short, I’ve written loads of stuff, but only recently I’ve looked to actually publish anything. I’ve chosen a modest little ditty that actually wasn’t an actual novel until April (before then it had been an idea sloshing around in my head for probably fifteen years).

Since April I’ve thrashed out four drafts, and in a bold step, I’ve sent draft four off to some beta readers.

We’ll see what they have to say.

Meanwhile, I’m investigating self-publishing as well as trying to snag a literary agent. If one way works, then yay! It works! If another way is better, then let’s go that way! Either way, I reckon my modest little yarn has value, so I don’t really care what happens, just so long as it gets published.

In about a week I guess I’ll know what the beta readers reckon, and go from there.

Fingers crossed!


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