Self Publishing

Well … what can I say? It’s been a busy twenty-four hours.

First came a flurry of re-reading, then checking, then re-reading again, and checking once more. A few edits, a couple of tweaks, all salient reminders any work is never finished, only ever abandoned.

I’ve never gone down this track before. Self-publishing has always been lower on my priority list because I know my limits and they include being not-very-good at marketing and promotion of my work. Still, I decided to give it a try because I have so many of my projects out there in the hands of publishers and the waiting game is torture.

I’ve always had a good eye (actually, two of them), and that includes with typography, so with Adobe InDesign in hand, I typeset my entire novel Terror in the Ranks, and then put the cover art together. No idea what anybody else thinks, but I reckon it looks all right:


Today I uploaded both to Createspace (which I have to say is an excellent site), and now I have to sort through tax documentation and a wait for approval from their end before it goes live. With that out the way, I’ll then move onto the e-book side of things, which I anticipate being a little easier.

I started desktop publishing in the 1980s and spent years providing services to the city of Sydney business community. With the proliferation of DIY in the mid-1990s, my business tanked, but I kept my skills and it’s nice to be able to trot them out occasionally and put them through their paces.

Combined with my literary editing skills, I’m now looking at providing a host of services to the writing community to help get books polished and ready to go. We’ll see. First step’s first though – I really need a book of my own out there and getting read. Its sales won’t rescue me from my dire financial predicament, but they’ll still make a difference.

Also I’ll be able to claim I’ve published, even if it’s myself doing the publishing.


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