All right, don’t get too excited – it’s self-published and not something picked up by a publisher as such, but still, there’s a certain thrill when one has a genuine ISBN allocated and it’s something of yours that’s actually in print.

I must confess I’ve started my publishing career with a novel I wasn’t expecting to write, yet it poured out at a rate of knots and fell onto the page requiring few subsequent tweaks and editing, which is something.

It’s a nonsense of course, an absurdity that pushes even the most hardened accommodation of speculation, but as a spy thriller it’s the sort of romp I’d like to read if I was ever a spy thriller fan, and so far my proof readers, beta readers and the like have unanimously agreed it’s a fun read with appropriate twists and turns. It’s not for the faint of heart, it’s certainly not for under-eighteens (chiefly from the excessively foul language from the protagonist, although there is some rather gruesome stuff in there too). I guess it remains to be seen what the reading public make of it. Yes, it has my soap-box polemics about social problems, but I make no apologies for that.

The next big step for me is to get the e-reader side of things sorted and get it out there on multiple platforms. Right now, it’s a hard-copy from Createspace: Terror in the Ranks and then I’ll make it available via sites like Google, iTunes, Kindle and others.

Hoping this will be the first of many!

Time for a celebratory cup of tea…


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