So … very shortly after my self-publishing debut, I get an email from a publisher. It’s regarding the first few pages of a manuscript for another novel I wrote and submitted six weeks before. “Oh dear, here we go” I thought. Yet another rejection slip to add to the Pile of Woe I have going in the back corner of the garden*.

I’d had a crap morning, I was stressed, no sales on my Redbubble site despite the awesomeness of my art, no sales on Etsy, no views on Facebook, and a measly ten “impressions” for a Twitter tweet I felt had great merit and appropriate hashtags**. I felt low, and now here was somebody else telling me I wasn’t up to scratch.

Bring it on, the day can only get better from here.

“We want to read the rest of the manuscript, can you please email it to this address.”

Wha–? … What? What the blazes?

Way to turn my whole world upside-down!

Sitting there stunned at the completely unexpected, and what should arrive soon after? A critique from a fellow writer who wanted to have a good go through the self same manuscript and see what problems there might have still been. He’d been on it for weeks. Providence! My day was set. Fix up any remaining foul-ups, implement critique recommendations, and voila! Done! Email sent at 10:30pm, and a day well spent.

Fingers crossed they like it.

Now for the conundrum – I have another manuscript targeted at a similar demographic in the hands of another publisher. Should I withdraw it? Leave it where it is? What if the second publisher wants to go with what I’ve sent them? Two publishers?

Oh dear

*Not really, I just file them away to look upon sometimes to remind myself I’m a terrible writer. What’s the opposite of “hubris”?

**I have over 2,700 followers on Twitter. I would have expected a better reaction. Come on people…


5 thoughts on “Conundrum!

  1. Maybe wait til this publisher reads and accepts Antare first. Then ask them if they want Antares. Which they’d be nuts not too accept it!

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  2. Still so excited for you! I’ll be biting nails waiting for them to read it. I suppose this wait is longer as they have an entire book to read… An agonising wait!

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    1. I have no idea how long they’ll take to make their way through it, but I’ll cheerfully wait for however long ot takes if it means they’ll take the book and run with it. And here was me thinking of cover art and self-publishing it. Glad I didn’t – it needs a publisher’s touch and marketing acumen because of the target audience.


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