“Daddy, where do dreams go when they die?”

“I dunno, son. Why do you ask?”

“Mummy was saying her dreams have died. We visit Parkers Road Cemetery to see Diane. Where do we go to visit where mummy’s dreams are buried?”

“I … think … Diane was a dream of you mummy’s. Mine too.”

“Is that why you’re sad all the time? Did your dreams die as well?”

He lost his fight against the tears. A year wasn’t long enough. Not by a long shot, and Timothy was simply too young to understand, even now.

“Diane was as special to us just as you are, Timothy. We tried to give you both what was best, especially our love. Diane had a passion for … horses, so when we were able, we got her Thundersky. I don’t think either your mother or I thought Diane was in any danger, but when she came off that day, we found out.”

“Found out?”

“We found out how wrong we were. Diane had learned all about riding, but she didn’t understand about—”

He choked.


“I—I can’t even talk about it any more. Dr Edgerton is going to kill me. Every time I see a horse, I still can’t help but think of Diane.”

“Is that why all the things from her room got packed away?”

“I think so. It was far too much for your mother. She won’t even watch the news because there’s sometimes horse racing on.”

“Is it because Diane was your happy dream?”

“Yes son. Diane was our happy dream, but all those dreams are sad ones now. We have you, son. You’re our special dream. Your mother and I need to try and build fresh dreams together, but there will always be that place where Diane was, and that makes it extra hard. Sometimes dreams can’t be buried, even if there was ever a cemetery for them. No matter what, we’ll always love you.”

“I love you, daddy.”

“I love you, son. Goodnight.”

He switched off the light.


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